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Woman caught in adultery: audio message

Duration: 26 minutes
In Christ
Lessons from the Woman caught in adultery
2 Corinthians 5:17; John 8:1-12; Deuteronomy 22:22; Jeremiah 17:13

One of the most powerful illustrations we have of the love of Christ in scripture is found in John 8.
Here we read a moving story of how Jesus saved a woman caught in adultery. According to the law she should have been stoned to death. Fortunately for her Jesus was the only one who was really qualified to fulfil that law – and he had the heart of her father.
While men stood around her, clothed in religion and filled with a lust for blood thinly veiled as a passion for the law, Jesus on the other hand showed the love of God. Metaphorically he wrapped himself around that woman and prevented any stone from hitting her.
Jesus came to set us free from condemnation and release us to go and sin no more.

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