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Serving the Lord – together

Serving the Lord – together

May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 (NIV)

Last month we celebrated 161 years of worship at Central Baptist Church, Stratford. None of the founding members were around to celebrate with us for understandable reasons.

Looking back into history reminds us of where we are coming from and how good God has been to us. It also helps us to put things in context. For example, God has used many people to contribute to the building of His church over the years. The church is much more than any one individual. When we receive the privilege of doing something in God’s vineyard we should not take it lightly.

The body of Christ is what it is today, all over the world, because certain people during their lifetime took the discipline and effort to use their God given gifts and talents to contribute to the Lord’s church. Today we are reaping the benefits of that. And now it is our time to serve him.

Paul reminds us in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 that we need our ‘whole spirit, soul and body’ to serve the Lord. It is difficult to serve God if our bodies are weak. Hence a well balanced diet, exercise, sleep and most importantly, a regular and adequate intake of water are essential to maintaining a healthy body.

Our relationship with God is a spiritual reality that has practical implications for our physical and emotional life. Yes, we must be born-again, but that does not do away with the need to keep our ‘whole spirit, soul and body’ in a healthy shape to serve God. God is interested in the whole of you.

You have a responsibility to God to keep your body in good shape.

3bottles_bDuring our anniversary we heard about the importance of drinking water. If you were in church on that day (13 October 2013) you would have received a free 500ml bottle of water. On average we are supposed to drink 3 of these bottles a day (a bit more if you are engaged in regular exercise or are blessed with a large size).

Water is essential to life both spiritually and physically. If we are to serve God together we need to take the water of life together.

Spiritually water is used to illustrate many truths. In the gospel of John chapter 1 it signifies our new life in Christ with water baptism. In chapter 2 Jesus turns water into wine and here water demonstrates the power of new beginnings. In chapter 3 Jesus says we must be ‘born of water and the Spirit’ (verse 5). Here water is used to highlight the power of God’s word. I could go on and on throughout John’s gospel.

The parallels between spiritual and physical water are numerous.

Drinking natural water is vital for our body to remain active and our minds alert. Water is essential for the proper functioning of all our organs and helps equip the body to fight off natural diseases. In similar manner, the water of God’s Word keeps our spiritual life going and our minds open to the thoughts and leading of God. God’s Word also equips us to stand against all the darts of the enemy of our soul. The list could goes on and on.

We need a daily intake of spiritual and natural water if we, as a church, are to continue serving God in this place.

Have you drunk your water today?

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