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Sunday services on YouTube

During this ‘lock down period’ our building is closed but the church is still alive and meeting. Watch us live on YouTube every Sunday morning at 11 am.

Our YouTube Channel is: Central Baptist Church Stratford


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Making contact during lock down

You can contact us here if you need
– more information on the Gospel
follow up material on the Christian faith
– to know about our mid week meetings
– to respond to one of our services
– Want to know how you can give
Just follow this link


Audio and Video recordings

Audio and Video recordings

You can now listen to some of the audio and video recordings of our messages and services. These are being updated regularly so please check back often. Continue



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Junior Church

Junior Church / Sunday School

Our activities for our children still continues despite the lock down. Please take a look around here to locate some of the material and videos that are available.


  • Faith in times of hardship
    The year is 2020 and the world has changed drastically with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. How can our faith aid us in times like this. Taking our main text from Genesis 13, we explore the life of Abram, the father of faith, and see what it teaches us in times like this. Five things you should remember in hardships
  • Hope like Hezekiah | Junior Church @ Home
    Sunday 17th May 2020 Video This is the third lesson in our series called No Small Players. Have you ever had someone say bad things about you or try and tell you God was not real? King Hezekiah and the people of Jerusalem were taunted by their enemy King Sennacherib of Assyria. But instead of … Continue →Read more
  • What is Faith?
    Duration: 28 Minutes (Talk given during the 2020 lockdown) Taking our text from Hebrews 11:1-3 we explore What is Faith? How does Faith affect our standing with God – make us right with God. And why is faith so important for us to receive from God.
  • Harvest in time of famine (Video)
    We follow Abram survey the land God had promised him. He builds altars and hears God speak to him again. Then famine strikes. In order to escape the famine he flees to Egypt and lies about his true relationship with Sarai in order to save his head. Ultimately, God saves him and Abram comes through this trial with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the LORD who called him. We learn that we need to speak to ourselves rather than listen to ourselves. Nor should we waste the times of famine that God uses to draw us closer to him.
  • Speaking and Living God’s Word
    We are not saved or changed by making promises to God, but by believing and acting on God’s promises to us. Taking our text from Genesis 12:1-9, we focus on the call of Abram and see how God’s spoken Word changed the life of one man who ventured to believe and act on that word.

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