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The latter part of Acts 20:35 reads:

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ (NASB)

It is only little children that put all their effort into taking and receiving.  They are self centred and think only of themselves. They are lured by the deceptive thought pattern that the only way to get satisfaction in life is by taking and getting all that you want.

As we make our way through 2013 I hear the Lord calling us to embrace a more godly way of living. Our spiritual life began when we gave our life to Christ. In Christ you are much richer than if you had remained in the world.

As we continue our walk with Christ a whole new world of possibilities, peace and joy is opened up to us. With Christ we are exposed to a whole new family of believers. Families are the place where we should be allowed to grow. My prayer for this year is that CBC will continue to mature as a family and become a fertile ground for the fruit, gifts and calling of God in individuals to flourish.

Remember, your journey started when you gave your life to Christ. Giving was the key. As you give time to fellowship with Christ you will receive much clearer direction. If a Christian losses the vital importance of giving he or she will start stagnating (cease to develop). For us to start fulfilling our God given role and continue doing things for Christ, we need to learn the art of giving.

We need to be able to learn how to give personal time to prayer and the study of God’s word. We need to be able to care for one another, offering forgiveness and tolerance where necessary.

We have recently started the Care Teams in the Church. It is my God given prayer that no one should be able to stay away from church for a considerable length of time without being missed and sought out by someone.

Very soon we will produce a church leaflet called Get Involved. It will list some of the teams you can join in order to give of the grace and gifts that God has blessed you with. Teams such as Stewards and Welcome, Hospitality, Children, Visitation, Street Pastors are all places that you can join with others to do things for Christ.

These of course are not the only teams in the church. There are other teams like the 60+, Men’s fellowship, Youth club (to mention a few) where you can receive encouragement and fellowship.

Giving is a crucial part of the Christian life. Giving your prayers, time, money and encouragement to other believers is all part of what allows us to grow as Christians.

Thanks to the hospitality team we now have the opportunity to drink and fellowship together immediately after the Sunday service. Please join in with us during this time and don’t just rush off home immediately after the service. I fully understand that not everyone will be able to stay due to other pragmatic reasons. But those of you who can stay please do.

As you give of your time to fellowship with the believers you will inevitable find yourself being a blessing them.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, teach me how to give and lead me to get more involved with you and for you.

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