Central Baptist Church

Adam & Eve part 1: Audio message

Duration: 33 minutes
Laying the foundation

This talk started with the speaker asking the audience five questions.
See if you can answer the questions below without turning to the scriptures.

Download and listen to offline.

Question for starters
1. How many days did God use to create the world?
2. What did God create on the fourth day?
3. What did God create on the seventh day?
4. Did God tell Adam and Eve not to eat from the apple tree?
5. Who covered Adam and Eve with leaves?

Genesis introduces us to 3 truths that are further expounded on throughout the scriptures:
a. God exists,
b. Man is made in God’s image and
c. Sin and Salvation.

Made in His Image – Genesis 1:26
What does this mean?
1. Spiritual beings – we are more than flesh and bone. Can communicate with God
2. We have a moral code written into us (right and wrong)
3. We have a language to speak
4. We have a purpose (calling)
5. We have a future
6. We have a father who loves us and cares for us.
7. We need salvation

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