Central Baptist Church

Adam and Eve – Part 2

Duration: 41 minutes
The breath of life

Genesis 2 sheds more light on what it means to be created in the image of God. This talk starts by shedding light on the relationship that existed between mankind and God before the fall.
In Genesis 1 God is introduced as the creator (Hebrew – Elohim)- The one who made all things.
In Genesis 2:7 we witness the Lord God (Hebrew -Yahweh Elohim). To Adam God was not only the creator but also the Lord. Some know the creator as God, but knowing him as your Lord introduces a personal relationship with God that is a privilege we should all benefit from as we were made in His image.

The beginning of the message has been edited. The talk starts abruptly

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Made in His Image – Genesis 1:26
What does this mean?
1. Spiritual beings – we are more than flesh and bone. Can communicate with God
2. We have a moral code written into us (right and wrong)
3. We have a language to speak
4. We have a purpose (calling)
5. We have a future
6. We have a father who loves us and cares for us.
7. We need salvation

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